Pogba hitting £10 & proving MB magnet

  • Looks to be on way to winning MB & is currently@9.99 just marking the moment

  • I love Pogba. Got a few in him when I first joined the index. Cost me £4.09

  • Good buy - Mine cost me 783 but I've already had 80p in dividends & 220p in capital appreciation in just the few weeks since.

    Rather wishing I'd bought a few more at the time! I'll never underestimate the power of MB again.

  • There really seems to be no limit to the stupid & disruptive things either him or his agent will do or say to rile Man Utd, Mourinho or the fans but it's MB gold dust; topping charts already today, 2nd yesterday, won the day before & also in top 3 price rises (of the top 200 list) - Another week of treble media days; How high can he go?

  • Price has just drawn level with the great Cristiano Ronaldo @1052 now 3= most expensive player on the index - WOW!!

  • I really wish I had been less stubborn and got into pogba earlier... better late than never I suppose!!

  • Soon £11 and i avoided him :((

  • I don't hold any Pogba, but believe there is still quite a bit of money to be made on him, as it very much looks like he will be moving on in January and his media buzz will be at it's peak.

    If and when that happens, I fear that alot of users will be sitting on an overpriced, primadonna that will no longer receives the media attention he currently gets.

    If you don't already know, Man Utd and Liverpool stories dominate the football index media.

    Once he's gone from the Premier League, the stories about shite haircuts and daft dancing will dry up ...

  • @johnboywalker

    So your advice is "make hay whilst the sun shines" then :) Honestly this latest price spike has really opened my eyes to the power of MB; I see him simply as an asset that is generating income - if I allowed my opinion about him as a person or even as a footballer to influence my decision making I doubt I would have made so much from him but I admire your ability to abstain.

  • I dont think he will go in January, it will be summer if he does go and by then united could have a new manager but either way the buzz stories will be there for a season.

    People have people looking for the new Salah, I think this season its Pogba and as people have been speculating, where will his price stop at!

  • It's all about dumping Pogba at the right time. I'll sit this one out.

    When he's no longer a Man Utd player, he won't be the media buzz money maker he is now ... I'm certain of that.

    My personal opinion on Pogba is irrelevant to my investing in him. I've got loads o dipshits in my portfolio that make me money.

    Historically, I've been in and out of Pogba more times than his boyfriend ...

    The question to ask yourself is, when he leaves Man Utd, and eventually settles at his next club, what do you realistically see his price as?

    My advice is ... if you decide to get involved with Pogba at this late stage, have an exit strategy.

  • @johnboywalker you sound quite bitter ;-)

    let's face it... everyone should have an exit strategy and everyone should have some kind of philosophy they work to in order to make good profit from FI... holding Pogba over Oct/Nov/Dec and taking all the MB divi's with it isn't a bad philosophy...

    Then 'IF' and when he moves to Barcelona most will jump ship (as is the trend of previous) but if he doesn't go then we'll just see more dividends and as i keep saying, if you believe in FI the best and biggest known players in the game will only get bigger in value.

    There's absolutely no panic on Pogba right now so whilst he's climbing high we should all just enjoy the ride!!!

  • @dannypea

    Nah not bitter, just apprehensive about getting on a ship that's bound for a January iceberg.

    I know, I use far too many shipping analogies.

    That being said, with the 80p rise in the last 24 hours. I'm glad I no longer hold him ... lol.

  • @johnboywalker why would you not want to hold someone on a 0.80 rise??? surely the whole point is that we want to make money from these players??

    And why worry about January now???? we are in September so have potentially 4 months (of MB) until he can potentially be sold (which isn't even a gimmie but if he does go will only create more hysteria and value short term)!!!

    I get that you wouldn't purchase right now at the current costs and rightly so (neither would i)... but anyone holding or selling is in a great position regardless of how many 'potential' icebergs are ahead!!!

  • @dannypea

    Oh Danny, you missed the sarcasm.

    My use of the 'LOL' was an attempt at self deprecating humour. Taking the piss out of myself for missing an 80p rise.

    I'll try and be a little less subtle next time ...

  • DOH!!!!! It's been a long week John!!!!

    You do realise I only frequent this forum to argue with people about meaningless matters so even if you're in jest i'll simply ignore that and just carry on fighting my corner regardless ;-)

    As for Pogba... My point is if the iceberg melts the ship won't even have to sail around it... and we all know of the effects with global warming in recent years!!!!

    Best get praying for some snow hey???? ;-)

  • @NewUser159387

    Just 21 days later he hits £14 which is 40% gain in just 3 weeks he really is an earner when you also add in his dividend income on top.

    Where will he stop???

  • All I here is Pogba pogba ass lick can't stand it good for making money but kinel

  • Pogba soon to be King of FI

  • @NewUser139504

    Just drawn level with Messi @1410 so now Joint top as number 1 FI most expensive player & already racked up 5x more MB points than anyone else for today!

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