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  • Hi all, New user ..

    Just getting to grips with it and have already quadrupled my portfolio down to some referrals. So Diego Costa has been in the media quite a lot and yesterday was nailed on to win it, so I bought his stocks around midday .. do I get the dividends as I haven't been credited? Or do you have to hold him for the full 24hrs?

    Also something else related where I cant find the answer, if you hold a player that drops out of the 1st team into squad do you lose all the money on that or is it just credited to you?


  • yeah you needed to hold costa for 24 hrs for the dividend but he might win again today and yes again, if they drop out the top 200 you lose your money

  • @NewUser85872

    Cheers for your help

  • Costa going for 3 wins in a row. Fingers crossed he does! I have more of him than anyone else.

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