Need for continued growth and substantial numbers of new traders

  • I hold a decent sized portfolio worth in excess of £13,000 with circa profit of 20% made since May this year. I understand this will be very small by some traders and very large by others. I believe that most of the growth so far cannot really be put down to skill but just the organic growth of the platform especially as a lot of my holdings are top 75 players all under 30 (Pogba/Salah/Coutinho/Erikson/Bale/Stones/Neves/Pulisic etc) where I bought 200 futures with a plan to sell 100 when in good profit. However when market selling I have noticed it can take days even after I reach the front of the queue. This indicates to me that if good quality young improving PB and MB potential players ranked in the top 75 then there has to be a major lack of players/liquidity which poses the question that order books would still need FI to provide liquidity. However the upside of this shows there are still very few in real terms active traders and that the marketing and new territories should bring in many more traders which in turn should push prices up further so reducing my need for skill

  • How do you know when you’re at the front of the queue?

  • @NewUser36672 Probably when you have 100 for sale and you sell 10 then your remaining 90 will be at the front of the queue.

  • @Martino

    Yes had 100 of Milan Skriniar for sale and took 3 days from the 1st future being sold until the last - shows how little movement of those ranked between 40 and 100 move.

  • Need to get sorted in Ireland asap. That should make a big difference as they love the Premier League over there so should get plenty of people interested when they see the adverts on Sky Sports. Actually, do they get Sky Sports in Ireland?

  • @HUFCPaul


  • @HUFCPaul
    They will do once they get T.V.s

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