Dividend question?

  • Hello, newbie here. I bought a tracker around 7pm last night and lo and behold got dividends off Pogba and Ronaldo this morning? Was I not past the deadline? On looking at transaction history it states I bought it at 06.50 yesterday morning which, although I may be mad for buying one I certainly didn't do at that time? I do live in the UK so can't understand this. Thanks

  • @NewUser147704 shhhhhhhh, just be happy and don't ask questions ;) deadline is 2pm uk

  • You were lucky.

    The deadline for purchasing futures is normally 2pm, if you want to receive dividends later that day.

  • @NewUser147704

    You actually highlight an interesting point - that dividends are payable on tracker holdings, I never knew that & have never held a tracker but that sheds light on a new & potentially more profitable reason for holding them - Good Work.

  • @NewUser147704 What tracker did you get?

  • Hi all,

    As new to the game I just bought a top 10 tracker to see how I went on.
    As an update I got in touch with FI as the dividend was only 13p! They are looking into it and thanked me for my honesty. As stated it showed in my history as 6:50am transaction, yet on FI's system it was showing as 17:50! At which point I stated that I should not have received the dividends. Looks like a glitch, which could have possibly cost FI a lot of money??? They said they would be in touch and I'll update asap, ta.

  • @NewUser147704 Good on you for being honest. Any glitch that threatens the liquidity of the business is bad for all of us in the long run!

  • Cheers for that BL_FI....I just hope it was only me and not the tip of an iceberg.

  • @NewUser147704 Brilliant honesty mate, let us know if they debit the 13p - I really hope they don't - it would be so petty!

  • What's a tracker..?

  • @AT10 would be great publicity for them if they credited him £13 as a reward for his honesty.

  • Just an update to this post. FI "let me off" with the 13p dividends due to my highlighting it.... whoopee and they say honesty doesn't pay. :)

  • Another update...deep in conversation with FI, apparently my transaction history is not in 24hour format which is showing I'm buying players at 2.30am as opposed to 2.30pm and so on as previously posted. I'm sure this has resulted in a couple of buzz dividends being removed from May this year as they were always on my spreadsheet history and balances always tallied and also resulted in my payouts previously. I'm really concerned that if everyone has this then it could be huge. Also i was unaware of the GMT to BST difference which we have to be careful of. Fingers crossed all will be ok.

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