Calculating the spread

  • To work out instant sell percentages the easy way on a calculator. (Forget the dot, and enter the prices as whole numbers). Divide the Sell Price by the Buy Price and hit the Percent Button. Subtract the resulting number from 100.

    Top 10:

    Neymar: 1284/1352*100 = 95. Spread is 5%
    Messi: 1158/1206*100 = 96. Spread is 4%
    Ronaldo: 993/1040*100 = 95.5. Spread is 4.5%
    Salah: 987/1018*100 = 97. Spread is 3%
    Pogba: 950/1011*100 = 94. Spread is 6%
    Mbappe: 872/913*100 = 95.5. Spread is 4.5%
    Kane: 853/907*100 = 94. Spread is 6%
    Hazard: 811/849*100 = 95.5. Spread is 4.5%
    Bale: 661/681*100 = 97. Spread is 3%
    Mane: 596/614*100 = 97. Spread is 3%

    Then there's 2% commission on top!

  • I hope that example is purely for illustrative purposes, because people would have to be crazy to instant sell any of those players.

    Basically just throwing 3-6% of your money in the bin.

  • @Ollie do you pay 2% on instant sell? I thought that the 2% was only on go to market?
    I’m pretty new so probably wrong!

  • @NewUser161236 Yep, always 2% commission to FI. With market sell that's all you pay, with Instant Sell there's also the spread percentage.

  • @Ollie Instant Sell benefits FI whereas Selling to the market benefits the traders !!

  • It always shocks me to see people instant selling top players, I believe there are plenty of people buying these players so that if you put them in the queue they'd sell in a reasonable time - just look at the increases Messi, Ronaldo and Pogba have all had in the last 7 days!

    To put it another way, you instant sell Mbappe (someone mentioned on another post they did this) costing themselves 41p a share (plus 17p commission) = total of 58p - so whoever they invested in now needs to increase by 58p just to get their portfolio back to the same value. This obviously does happen but if you were able to see this coming you'd still be much better chucking in a couple extra hundred quid, buy the player you 'know' is going to increase, put the top player in the queue and then cash out when they sell.

    The obvious exceptions would be a serious injury / credible rumour the player is moving out of a PB eligible league where they could well drop much faster.

  • @AT10 here i am, the one that instant sold Mbappe;)) the only reason i was able to make that money back so quickly is because the players i bought were much cheaper than Mbappe, so obviously selling 100 of him let me buy say 300 of bla bla and 300 of bla, and good rises to both players made it a very very fast recovery and a very good decision, obviously this may not work next time or for the next person, but i made a decision on something i saw on tbe market and im very happy now :))

  • @Mwerdna Who did you buy?

  • @HappyLarry59855 Diogo Dalot more futures and Frenkie de Jong more futures

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