The curious case of Fabinho vs Wijnaldum

  • I've been on FI about 6 months now and I'm slowly putting more and more money into it while simultaneously trying to learn more about what makes the index tick. One thing that is baffling me at the moment is why is Wijnaldum's price so low compared to his peers. I first noticed this a few weeks back and enquired on here and was told a variety of the following.

    1. He won't play so his price is low
    2. Klopp has played him as a predominately DM so he's unlikely to win PB compared to the players he's competing with.
    3. there are more high profile players at his club and country so he's unlikely to win MB

    This all kinda made sense (except for point 1 as he's started every game so far!!!) However the last few weeks have seem Fabinho rise and rise and points 2 and 3 also apply to him, however he's not even played a single minute yet (unused sub for the first game and dropped out of the squad for the three since). Any thought on why a player who doesn't play in the same position as a player starting every week would trade for over 2 times the price because its got me stumped! The only thing i can think of is that its people's perceptions of the players but curious to see what others think.

  • Noir hit upon a good point on another subject regarding 'trends'....

    We hype something up for whatever reason and if it catches the domino effect the comes into play as we all follow like sheep investing simply because 'everyone else is'... This also happens when we sell... a value drops slightly, people panic as they see a loss in profit so sell themselves then others follow....What happens then is 'other' buyers then see a drop in price so think they can buy at the lower rate.. win lose win!!! The nature of then game!!

    The case for Wijnaldum is simply... he's not yet had any hype or hysteria regarding him or his situation at Liverpool... Throughout FI he's been at Anfield, filled in a bit, played a bit, plenty of no frills performances, not many goals, no transfer rumours, no world cup, no interest from the FI public...

    During this time Fabinho is at Monaco, plays a few games, creates interest, buzz, speculation, he gets into the national team and does well, people start talking about him... his prices goes up as speculation increases then buzz creeps in as a transfer to one of the big boys prevails... He moves to Liverpool, everyone is excited and because all this happened during the FI increase in participants perhaps Fabinho has much more holds than Wijnaldum? It really isn't complicated....

    We all try and work out why this and that but in reality it is supply+demand=price rises and if one player is trending his price will rise because people like us all want some of it... If a player isn't trending then nobody wants them...

    My only advice on this would be to buy the cheaper alternative and eventually when he does 'trend' you'll be quids in!!!!

  • Playing performances only drives so much of the price of a player; take Oxlade-Chamberlain who would arguably start before either of them in Liverpool's midfield, he dropped when he got injured but since then has risen nearly 30% but apparently his knee has been subject to the worst sort of injury & there's no guarantee that he will even play again & certainly not at the level he was pre-injury. Go figure 185 for a player who isn't going to play until next year at the earliest, if ever again?

    Personally I would touch anyone with such a bad injury until he was back playing & proved he was back to his best but clearly plenty of others would - similar happened with KDB gone up 10% since his knee problem albeit a far less severely injured.

  • @NewUser159387 I know mate, I bought them both post injury when they hit rock bottom (well I already held KDB but doubled my holding when he bottomed out) and have made a great profit on them both.

  • Ox Chambo in particular is a mad price though,

  • @9stevo

    Totally - I obviously hope he comes back strong not just because he's a decent player but it will help England too however I would not put any of my money into a potential crock & see him as a screaming sell currently but it takes all sorts to make a functioning market I suppose.

  • @NewUser159387

    My view is Alex wouldn't even make it in my team list without the injury ( Liverpool fan)

  • fabinho's single name makes him better for media too. If he scores a gwg in a high profile match he's got a good chance of winning mb for that day

  • @Mr-Matt said in The curious case of Fabinho vs Wijnaldum:

    fabinho's single name makes him better for media too. If he scores a gwg in a high profile match he's got a good chance of winning mb for that day

    This ... he took penalties previously as well. Klopp often eases players in think AOC and robertson so the assumption is long term he will be a starter and ahead of wij. I dont hold (and not planning to) but he has a lot more potential to be a valuable asset than wij.

  • @Mr-Matt this is really interesting, it seems that how they point score for the MB is quite a bad system, good to know thats how it works for the future though!!

  • @9stevo I thought the same sort of things when I first started but assume as you accept them and learn the rules and the trends you make very good returns

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