Mo Salah

  • I hold a few futures in Mo Salah, is now a good time to invest in more?
    Or do we expect that his form will dip this season compared to last.

    When I purchased Salah he was trading at 10.28 when I started around a month ago

  • Hold some @965 but until his on field performances (& PB/MB chance) improve I'm neither buying or selling just holding for the long term. He still looks OK but not quite at the extraordinary heights he achieved last season. When CL games come around I'll reassess but I think there are plenty of other better value options to invest in at present.

  • @NewUser159387 Sound advice, I did think that the CL hasn't kicked in yet and L'pool have some tasty fixtures coming up

  • It will just take 1 top performance and PB win and his price will rise again and he will be all over MB - however when that performance arrives is anybody's guess but I am holding him for the long term

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