Adrian rabiot

  • Just glimpsed at this on google Adrian rabiot linked with Liverpool. How longs this been going on and is he any good?

  • Couple of days, so the rumour's been priced in a fair bit already.

    Decent, though it would mean rotations for the midfield so we could see more volatility in the Liverpool players.

  • He's had longer term interest from Barcelona and apparently its his mum calling all the shots as to where he goes next!!!

    I can't see PSG wanting to let him go as he's essential to them (seems to be Tuchel prefers him much more than Lo Celso at least) but if he does go it will be to a big team so I would suggest anyone who brought him a month or two ago (like me) will be excited to see how it pans out!!!

    I think they'll be further rises until Jan and beyond as he's a good young talent that will do well for any top club in Europe.

  • Did anybody decide to go with the rumours and invest into Rabiot?

    Price has gone up quite considerably in this last month. Speculation still there and talk that he is refusing to sign a new contract with PSG. He's free to speak to other teams in January outside of France. Any thoughts on the best destination for him?

    Prem would obviously help with the media. I can see a starting role in the Spurs midfield, but not sure they could break their current wage structure.

  • I'm in on him. He's onto big things next for him to turn down 3 contracts with psg... surely is worth a punt on my eyes

  • @Worley15 with Dembele apparently off to China, Rabiot would get plenty of game time if you consider Dier's recent mistakes and Wanyama's injury record.
    Could be long term replacement for Busquets at Barca as well.

    Turned down 3 contract offers from PSG so the plot thickens!

  • @Lukeroro He's definitely going somewhere big. I just think that with his contract up at the end of the year, he will sign for someone on massive wages.

    He would be a brilliant fit for Spurs, but I can't see them paying the £200k+ a week or whatever it would take to get his signature. I think that's more than the rest of the big earners get at the club and they are paying off their stadium.

    Whereas other clubs can comfortably afford to do so in their wage structure. Either way, he's definitely a good hold in my opinion.

  • @Worley15 dread to think what kind of money PSG have offered!

  • I can't believe he's dropped.
    Arguably the biggest Bosman of the summer and people are dumping him.
    Complete madness

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