Jaimie Vardy

  • Hi all, been trading about 6 months still finding my feet, doing well overall but probably a being a bit lazy(not active enough)

    Anyway, what are your thoughts on Jamie Vardy, coming back from suspension, very very good player in my opinion. Currently trading at £1.03 seems cheap to me.

    Your thoughts please

  • Retired from england and plays for leicester so unlikely to win dividends. Not really worth anything in my book.

  • and getting old so more injuries and less games likely

  • Not over trading is sometimes far more profitable than over trading! With older players who are not in Europe or Media Buzz 200 always think what if:

    He gets injured
    loses form
    goes to China/USA

    Also as players get old think about who will buy him in the future off you?

  • I remember looking at him at around a year ago thinking 0.80/0.90 I wouldn't invest because he's staying at Leicester, perhaps past his best, he won't move on to anyone better and slowly he scaled up (due to the growth in FI) and prior to the World Cup he spiked and I ended up jumping on at 1.33 thinking 'IF' he scores a goal for England, IF Kane gets injured, If anything positive happens his value will go up...

    Well he was poor in his cameos off the bench and had no transfer news after the WC so dropped in value then got sent off and to top it all he's now retired from England and his value has dropped and dropped.... BUT....

    I still hold on the faith that like Ian Wright and fine wines he's matured older and he'll play a big part for Leicester this season so goals are his get out.. If he gets to 15-20 then I see a steady incline but really... I'm worried that his ship might have sailed and their will be a point this year when I cut my losses!!!

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