Buying more Pogba and Ronaldo?

  • What do you think? Buy more? Or do you think the price will drop soon or keep going up?

  • Media Dividends are driving Pogba at the moment but when will he or his agent learn to keep quiet???

    Just checked I bought him 8th Aug & he's yielded 93p so far & is topping today's chart as well, this has meant his price has risen over £3 in that time but driven by proven dividend income. Not buying personally just holding but I admit that I had underestimated the power of MB.

    Too many risks with CR for me; new club/team mates, new country, language, manager, life style, getting older, plenty of challenges to overcome IMO.

  • I think Ronaldo is always good value. King of MB. One of the most dedicated footballers out there. Either way he will generate a nice return over the season.

  • I was looking at ronaldo's stats for this season the other day. He's had more shots per game than anyone else in any of the PB leagues. So when 1 or 2 of these start going in he should be in for a bit of PB alongside the MB which never seems to go away

  • Most shots, most shots on target and most shots in the box in all the PB leagues actually - think I've just convinced myself to get a few more ha

  • Their return suggests they are worth topping up. I am a bit wary they may dip at the end of triple media though so I am holding rather than buying more.

    There is no question they are great value though especially when you see people pushing basically worthless players for a couple of quid.

  • My analysis of the market is that it is very dividends chasing. Great MB/PB-scores will bump up players prices. And MB is the goldmind of dividends imo. Much more to win than PB. Therefore I bought more of Ronaldo and Pogba yesterday morning (before their price rises).

    If you believe that they will win MB a lot this autumn my advice would be to buy more of them, because you will also gain capital growth because of their prices rising.

    Ronaldo = Great for MB and Juve have a nice schedule ahead. Ronaldo has not scored a goal yet so I believe there is a chance for him to win PB soon (which will bump up his price even more).

    Pogba = The MB-king since august and think he will continue to be that this season. More MB-wins will too bump his price.

  • Pogba
    I can see most new users of the platform buying Pogba as he ticks all the boxes:
    Age: 25 (plenty of time to recover from any injury and can hold 2 years 11 months with little risk of price falling)
    Based: UK (best for Media)
    Club: Man U (best for Media)
    Transfer Rumours: Always which boosts MB
    PB: Plays most weeks and hopefully should win 1 a year with a GWG

    I have sold all my holdings as I believe the risks are to high
    Age: 33 (Yes he is super fit but 1 clumsy Italian centre half tackle could be the end of him)
    Based: Italy (Will miss out on the odd media buzz to UK based players)
    Club: Juventus (big in Italy but not in UK)
    Transfer Rumours: Will be China and USA in future which will be good for MB but disastrous for his price.
    PB: Better than Pogba but is there 2 years 11 months of risk free trading

    However the big swinger for me will be the introduction of order books and how difficult it would be for the 1000's and 1000's of futures that traders hold to dispose of should he get a broken leg! If you hold 200 futures at say £10.50 that is potentially £2,100 down the pan. However I can see the attraction for traders who bought him cheaply early on holding on for the dividends but I have happily take profit.

  • The reason I think ronnie is relatively safe is the champs league. Once you get to the knockout rounds , the big guys usually are in demand. Holding until then and you are reasonably safe barring a horrible injury.

    The odds of a horrible injury before then are pretty low. Ultimately its risk/reward. If ronnie was aged 25 then he would be 25 quid probably based on his current yield. If you want the high yield you have to accept some risk.

  • So Pogba for me i brought at a fiver and have held ever since... within the 3 year plan he sits firmly as a pivotal part of my portfolio with MB dividends always surrounding his future (as well as his future haircuts) and with slim enough PB potential and invested interest to keep his stock rising (until he moves to Barcelona and drops off the edge like Coutinho did)...

    Ronny is much more difficult, i've aired my concerns before and have rightly been knocked down a peg or two as i'm regularly told this isn't your average human being!!! Ronaldo is a PB & MB, dividend scoring machine so whilst that is possible rise in value is also but i cannot help sitting here waiting for that moment it all falls down and £5-10 is knocked off his share value within a whisker!!!

    I've brought Ronaldo, sold him, brought him again and am now looking for the next right moment to sell.... He hasn't scored a goal in Italy let's not forget... He's 33 years old let's not forget... Where does he go from Juve???

    I know Ronny is high risk and I know I have to get out within the next couple of years whilst Pogba could in theory be a hold for a lot longer so of the two I would look to buy more in the latter... Although as I keep being told... you should never write off Ronaldo!!!

  • Pogba hitting £11 soon😉

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