Bale to reach £10 ??

  • Hey Guys

    Let's hear your opinion on this....I know it is a long way off but the way that FI is rising anything is possible !!

    Who thinks this will happen this season?



  • Why did you copy and paste this exact question into a separate thread about Neymar?

    You’re basically asking: “will the new money flowing into FI boost the prices of premium players?”

    The short answer is yes.

  • Pogba is over £10 now for a reason, it seems like he wins dividends every week.

    Why would Bale, what reason is there?

  • @playingcards1 I just wanted to hear traders views on certain player's price increase or even decrease....after all we create these threads to help each other out, right?

  • @NewUser60527 if Bale has an amazing season of scoring goals then his price will increase that way, also there will be transfer rumours being raised about a possible transfer next summer....just take Salah for example, GOALS = PRICE BOOST !!

  • Ah so that has been where i was going wrong, i plowed £5k into Berahino and couldn't understand why he hadn't risen after 2 years with no goals, cheers mate!

  • If Bale had an amazing season the he will most likely just renew his contract and get more money then his price will crash, that can happen. (I think kits pretty clear he doesnt want to move ).

    If you think he will rocket then buy more, its all about opinions mate.

  • @Gasdean Something tells me that you are not a newbie and that is not a serious statement #sarcasm

  • @AndyP32 Look at his injury record. Too high risk for me.

  • If we believe in FI why can't we believe that the top ten players won't all hit £10+ and I would go one further as to say comewhat May... Neymar, Messi, Pogba et al... could be touching £20 per share!!!!

  • @dannypea Yes, and then the younger players will catch up and it will be their turn to rise again.

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