Top players playing outside PB leagues

  • Just read about Gabriel Barbosa scoring a hatrick, and Anderson Talisca currently in 11 goals in 8 games out in China. Surely these types are good buys for when they return to Europe? Or are they too risky? Also does anyone have any other players likely to move or return to playing in Europe? Cheers

  • @NewUser104447 Certainly seems to be a popular tactic. Personally I don't see the point in tying up capital in someone who has literally 0% chance of returning any dividends between now and January at the earliest, at which point they may return to Europe, perhaps in a PB league, potentially for a good team, getting a regular game, at which point there's an outside chance of some PB dividends. Obviously I'm exaggerating for effect a bit and I understand that the transfer implied above would bring some price increase you could profit from without them having to actually win dividends. But my point is there are surely better options around the same price or cheaper, at least until some concrete rumours start to build.

  • For me this sort of trade would equate to having a £10 on a first goal scorer bet - if it comes in the returns are great but also possible I lose my money - I prefer to look at more obvious opportunities, look at the young players at clubs like Ajax who are near certain to move on!

  • AIUI Anderson Talisca will move on in January, as he's only in China on a 6 month loan (from Benfica), of course it's a gamble as to where he'll end up but anyone looking for a proven goalscoring, attacking midfielder who can also play as a forward, in his mid 20's with his best years to come, he would surely be near the top of the list. Has been called up by Brazil in 2014 but didn't play & was linked with Man Utd & Liverpool so transfer speculation will add a bit of spice.

    Bought a few @113 & he's currently @129 but as a speculative punt there would seem to be far worse options.

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