Which Mendy to invest in?

  • I am looking at adding another defender to my portfolio and currently weighing up the Mendy brothers

    B Mendy - Man City @ £3.87
    F Mendy - Lyon @ £2.01

    Has B Mendy price already maxed, will he win dividends

    Has F Mendy got improvement in him can he match his brother

    Thoughts please

  • B mendy has gone up over £1.30 in 4 games, why would you think hes maxed out ??

  • He is at the top end of defenders prices and each week has to compete with the Man City Centre Halves for the top PB score in his own team never mind all the other defenders - I like him just not sure if he will score enough goals to win PB's and if he does not win PB then his price may stagnate.

  • @Fletch i can see what your saying, someone else brought him up on hear a few days ago, it seems alot of people on the fence with him, i personally like him, hes only 24 and hes playing for a top club, loves to attack and put crosses in and already won pb this season and his averages has been good so far this season, he wins another pb which it is a good chance his price will fly up again, but im going to say all this as i got him :)

  • @Ryan When did Mendy win PB?

  • @Ryan He's never won PB. I believe his best standing was 4th place (180pts) when Carvajal scored (246pts)

  • I've got Man City Mendy... Disappointing so far.. Thought he'd be all over the media and he's played well so far this season... Not going to play though...

  • Sorry my bad i thought he won 1st game of the season?

  • Ferland has been Lyon's best player so far this season and that's saying something as they are stacked with talent

    The transfer spec potential is obvious. UCL is gonna be a great stage for him

    And already this season IIRC he's been only a late Opta adjustment away from winning PB one week and then the week after a only CS away from winning PB

    So Ferland is actually a solid PB hold for a good team with transfer spec to come

    Benjamin is bloody awesome but his main competition comes from his own team!

    IMO Ferland all the way...

  • Took the plunge earlier tonight and added the younger Mendy also took a decent number in futures in D Dalot, M D Ligt and F D Jong.

    I expect at least one of the Ajax lads to move by summer and the other within the next year but hopefully both go to big clubs by this summer. Dalot is hopefully going to break into the united team later this season.

    With them all around £2 hopefully one will rise plenty this year.

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