• looking to sell a player... Best way to do it? Instant sell? Go to market?

  • Forgot to say, I'm new to this and just been using instant sell up until now but not sure if it's the right thing to do....

  • Any sale attracts a 2% commission to FI & if you choose market you will get the buy price but it will depend on others buying the player so the timing is uncertain, usually a couple of days maximum but can be within minutes but no guarantee. Instant sell is as it sounds, immediate but usually at the slight lower sell price, so if speed is important, say in reaction to some bad breaking news it is great. The spread between the buy & sell price is usually 3-5% but obviously on higher priced players the cash difference can be significant, so becomes a consideration e.g Pogba is currently 66p difference, Neymar is 67p.

    Personally if the buy sell difference is only a couple of pence (on lower value players) I'd use IS for the certainty & I can immediately use the money but for most other sales market sell works, except if you expect a large & sudden drop in the price which may exceed the buy/sell spread. Hope that helps.

  • Thank you

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