Dividends or Profit?

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    Lets hear your opinions on this topic....

    There are a lot of people who use the Index to make profit as soon as possible, for example some traders would have purchased 100 x Perisic last night and then sold them for profit this afternoon rather than hold out for the 6p dividend (and also 3p Star Player dividend) return that they would end up getting going into tomorrow, the dividend pay-out on 100 x Persic today was.....100 x 6p = £6.00 and 100 x 3p = £3.00, that is a total of £9.00 return !! to get that kind of return on 'cash-out profit' Perisic's value need to go from £1.33 to £1.43 in less than 24 hours and that is a big ask !!!.....does the dividends seem to be overlooked at the moment when trading?



  • @AndyP32 Yeah I've noticed this too. Perhaps some traders felt he was over valued and didn't want to risk the drop for the 9p divs. Because on the flip side when players like Messi/Dybala wins a PB, their prices only increase.

  • It's a selling market. This will be the 3rd day the market will be down. Too much uncertainty with penny stocks and how things will work. The bad management of the football index I would say is the reason.

  • @NewUser51524

    Apart from Perisic the rest of my portfolio isn't down a penny today and even Perisic is still in nice profit... maybe you're just terrible at picking players haha

  • @NewUser51524 Completely out of context. Looking at your posts you seem to have beef with FI.

  • I took the divi on Perisic and continue to hold him.

    But yes some people factor in that the current profit they have on a player is more than the value of the divi and so sell before getting the divi payout. Boggles my mind but to each their own.

  • @The-Chartist Same here. Held for dividends and continue to hold.

  • My opinion on this changes daily. I keep trying for long term with dividens and it keeps biting me in the arse. I've seen my portfolio drop by £170 in the last 24 hours. The top 5 droppers yesterday, I had 4 of them lol.

    I was tempted to sell a few players when I had a full green portfolio but I held and it's back fired again.

    This month I'm actually down, might spend October flipping and see how that goes for me. All my players have been in a half decent profit at some point.

  • @iwantmore

    The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient - Warren Buffett

  • @The-Chartist haha well at the minute all my patient money is going to the impatient people.

  • @iwantmore I bought Mata, Willian and Bellerin a week ago so I could flip them before their games the next day. It didn't work and they went down anyway.

  • cheers for all your comments, look out for my next topic as it will get you thinking.....



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