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  • It's not a quirk tho it's a working system. It wouldn't work if it was just Surnames that needed to be in the title as it wouldn't be unique. I'm pretty sure there is more than 1 Dembele in the top 200 at the moment for example...

  • But it's not a working system ... If FI are hiring then they should hire an auditor simple. Can you imagine if media started calling Paul pogba ... Pogga and it wasn't recognised on buzz and the value started dropping on him.

  • @D.R.Allenballs

    No offence but FI has grown and grown since day 1 and there seems to be very few people complaining - no system is perfect especially something as subjective as media buzz - you could also complain about the different publications that are not included or who chooses the value of each bit of media - 20/40/50/80/100/140 points.

    However because it is not black and white and because it is subjective means a little skill, research and understanding to profit from it just like any financial market does.

    Your example of Pogba backs the argument that you cannot change it now as people have invested money based around how the rules and system currently work!

  • It surprises me how many people join FI and invest money, without reading the rules first. Then come on here and seemed shocked when obvious things happen.

    There are reasons why Neymar costs £13 and Firmino is £4.

    Just like there are reasons why Alisson is £3 and De Gea is £1.

    Do your research first.

  • Neymar is worlds most expensive player scores loads hits headlines for good and really bizarre reasons

    Firmino would be around £5 if it wasn't for resent form but going on the media he is fairly quiet ... Doesn't help that when he does hit headlines it doesn't count

    Allison is new to premier league had a big transfer plays in a team that's needed a good keeper for a while. Hits good pb and resently gained £1 by making the worse mistake I've witnessed this season so far

    David dea gea plays in a team that plays really boring football. transfer wise he's going real mardrid .... Ooooo wait no he isn't ... For how many seasons have we heard that one boring to write about

    I never said I hadn't researched and I'm doing well on here. I'm just saying if a player hits headlines it should be recognised. Especially if the other player in the headline has

  • Anyone know how this is going to work with Adama (Traore) - the Wolves player? Currently a single name 'Adama' but the press refer to him as Adama Traore but the full name is taken by another player.

  • @mike778 mistakes like u just made cost media buzz haha Neymar not Naymar

  • @metropolis Don't know for sure but I guess it will be the same as "Marcelo" - any headline in a qualifying RSS feed that says "Adama" or "Adama Traore" (as the latter still includes his FI name) will be credited to him, then if it's actually about the other Adama Traore will be removed from the Wolves player's score.

  • Think the whole system is flawed myself but then by ensuring you have shares in Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Pogba etc you should never miss out on a media day dividend as one of those usually scores in the top three.

    I get why people complain but if we all just just pick the players who win everytime then surely that would be more beneficial than picking someone who's not likely to win it???

  • Still trying to understand the scoring system. As I type this Willian has 5 articles and totals 140 MB points. Adrien Rabiot has 3 for 150. How are they valuing these?

  • @NewUser169790 All depends on the words used in the article, different 'buzz' words score different points.

  • @AT10 thanks for the reply. Thought different news sites might hold different weight. But that theory was off when Daily Star was 20 for one and 30 for the other. So specific words and I heard positive beats negative. I also think the writers have some money invested and will tell us what Pogba ate for breakfast to get his buzz up.

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