Percentage increase that give you profit?

  • I know that this is different from player to player but wich percentage most a player increase for you to take some profit after all charges ? Because if you have many stocks in a player the profit just gets smaller and smaller after you sell them. I noticed that my Falque who had a 5 % increase made me lost money because the selling destroyed the margin. So I wonder if somebody with experiences and knowledge can give me some tips because Im pretty new to football index. Thanks in advance.

  • roughly 7/8% assuming you opt for the immediate Sell option

  • If you lost then you must have used Instant sell because the selling price is always very close to the buying price, normally 1p or 2p different, so if you put the player in the sale queue then you should be making close to 3% profit if your player was at 5% ... someone correctly me if I'm wrong.

  • Lots of variables to consider:

    1. If you market sell, you need a 2% increase to cover commission just to break even.

    2. If you instant sell, generally you will need around a 4-5%increase to cover the spread (instant sell price) + another 2 % to cover commission , so around 6-7%increase just to break even.

    The spread percentage may be higher for top priced players

    1. If everyone is selling the player, then the spread may be even higher than normal.

    In general you should not be looking to instant sell unless the player dies/gets a career ending injury/ moves to China. Don’t be afraid to hold players in the red.... they will generally bounce back given time.

  • @NewUser166683 I'd suggest you set up a basic excel sheet! Hopefully this will upload properly but if not give me a shout back and I'll walk you through (sorry if it sounds patronising but I know many people don't use excel)


    But if you don't want to do that then simply remember you will lose 2p commission in every £1, so if the players instant sell is between £1-£2 then you need the IS value to be 4p above the price you paid to be certain of a profit.

  • Thanks everyone :), my problem is when I have like 400 - 600 stocks of a player I feel like it´s hard to make a profit because the price just drops so much even when you use the market instead of instant sell.

  • @NewUser166683 it all depends on when & why your selling if there’s a reason your selling such as he’s injured or just not performing then others are probably selling too, so a longer sell queue and the player may continue to drop, maybe to below the original IS value. It’s all about exit strategy. Ideally the trick is to sell to market in stages as the player is increasing or stable but this isn’t easy either. I always look at the sell price as the real value of the player and profit (-2%) not the flashygreen % displays on home screen. Now I’ve positioned my portfolio as I want, Im planing on holding most of my portfolio long term, If I manage to sell to market when I feels right to exit on a player then that’s a bonus.

  • @NewUser166683 Are you putting all 400-600 up for sale to the market in one hit?? That would certainly drop the price, if you can be patient then put up 30 at a time and the price won't drop (usually)

  • Do a test find how many you can put up without dropping the price like Dulix said

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