Why didn't I invest in Pogba earlier

  • I just jumped onto the Pogba before I regret even more, it hurts that i decided against him last month and then again last week, now I'm hoping that he keeps rising and the tongues keep wagging 不不不

  • You should still make a reasonable profit based on the likelihood that he will feature heavily in the media buzz for at least up to the January window, coupled with the fact that he is only 25.

    So over the next 3 years it woud'nt be unreasonable to expect his price to double, not withstanding the additional yield profits

  • Better late than never. Still looks good value given such a regular div return. Move over Neymar - Pogba is coming for you!!

  • @NewUser159184

    Im replying to myself here but i should add that you may also consider the risk that his price will drop should he get transferred to a Barcelona or PSG as his MB would possibly drop off. (without looking im assuming that this is where most of his dividend earning have come from as opposed to PB)

    The ideal scenario would be that he either stayed at Man utd with Mourinho leaving and falls out with the next manager.
    and then moves to another club in the premier league. (A Longer period of consistent MBs)

    I think the most likely scenario is that he will move abroad summer as he is not suited to the Premier league

  • @NewUser159184 Yes his returns are 99.99% MB, he won a top midfielder single match day (4p) and was the star player in the WC final (18p) - if you're going to be star player in any game....

    If he actually transferred you would want to be out very quickly, his price would drop like a stone. HOWEVER, I think he'll be at Man U long after the 'sulky one' has gone.

  • @NewUser162554

    Just to illustrate; I've owned him @ 783 average price since 8th Aug (doubled up on 14th Aug) & have had 101p in dividends in exactly a month. Obviously the longer he stays the better, given his inability to keep quiet, & if he only stays until January he could feasibly return 50% of his purchase price in divis alone & if a summer transfer he could have repaid 100% - WOW

    On top of that his price has also risen exactly 瞿4 since that first purchase @720 but as I have no intention of selling it's a largely irrelevant bonus but I could cash a capital profit if that was necessary. He has certainly proved MB gold dust & IF he keeps it going still offers decent value even at 瞿11+.

  • I've been kicking myself for ages about missing the Pogba gravy train and now I simply can't afford to get on unless I was to instant sell a big chunk of my portfolio at a loss. My big names are struggling / stagnating at the moment but I'm confident in their ability to bounce back.

  • @gloryhornet88 why not market sell?

  • If he market sells then depending who and how many he's selling and how long it could take to sell the required amount, unfortunately Pogba could have reached 瞿12, myself i didn't particularly want to deposit right now but decided to do it b4 i have to possibly deposit even more tomorrow 丹儭

  • @NewUser162554 see what @Mwerdna said - that basically. If he miraculously drops in price by next oay day and he's still potentially up in the buzz charts then I may buy a few.

  • He's playing this evening so i would expect to see some more interest in him later on

  • im so gutted I sold Pogba beginning of August

  • Pogba to score 2 tonight, get sent off and mop up on media buzz.... Wouldn't surprise me..

  • Nah hes peaked now

  • More internationals in October and November then you are not far from the next transfer window, plenty of pogba gossip and mischief to be had yet, I wouldnt be surprised if he was 瞿12-13 by mid November.

  • Funny how he's fallen slowly ever since I wrote this, hahaha... not exactly what I was expecting but he'll be back soon

  • He'll be 瞿12 easy come January. Media buzz galore next time window opens

  • Could even be before then. Man U v Young Boys on wed. Gotta be the easiest CL tie. Pog could score a pen and grab a v rare PB. Or they lose and there's the inevitable bust up and mourinho out MB

  • Yeah I have many things in my mind on how Pogba will get to 瞿12, it certainly didn't take long to get to 瞿10 and 瞿11

  • I'm intrigued as to who was selling pogba in the last couple of days. The 2% hits hard on the selling and he is inevitably going to win PB any time soon.

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