• His price has fallen 30p in a week...Why's everyone divesting? Yes he's had a slow start to the season by his high standards but he's surely going to be up in the MB and PB charts as the season progresses... Or does someone know something I don't?

  • 28p return in last 12 months suggests he is over-valued. Obviously we aren't talking Sane style LOL price (hate use of LOL but actually seems appropriate for Sane's FI price) but still probably should drift down unless he has a better season.

  • Will be interesting to see his stats over time this year, I dont think he was very good last year at all and was pretty poor at the World Cup.

    Can only get better though= imo.

  • I guess a lot of his price is made up of "potential" which everyone can see but ultimately there comes a time when he needs to deliver & on a consistent 90 minute basis, week in week out & I just don't see it at the moment, so unless you have the underlying dividend delivering safety net (which 28p suggests he doesn't) the price can simply fall as net sentiment is disappointment. It may simply turn out that he's a decent player that just isn't suited to the FI rating system.

  • I have held him on a couple of occasions.He has always given me a profitable return but he struggles to get above a certain figure on the index before falling back.I see him as a flip player on his performances as he is a poor return on PB.

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