Batshuayi - Less than £2!!!

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  • 2 goals against Scotland equals 20 goals in La Liga nowadays..

    There are many "Ifs" about him.

    'If he starts at Valencia"

    "If he finds his form" (this form has never been shown)

    "If he scores 20 goals in La Liga" (Big If)

    We will see how he plays.

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  • Who ?? Never heard of this player 😂

  • Rodrigo for valencia has loads more potential! Batshuayi is a bench warmer till 70 mins gone.

  • I think he'll get starts and get goals in CL or league , maybe he won't but I'd take the risk at that price in the current market. Rodrigo is also good value i'd say He dropped a lot lately I guess due to not going to Real or wherever he was linked.

  • @KingZ If you look at Batshuayi to Morata.Batshuayi scored 9 in 33 appearances for chelsea and morata to date 12 in 35.Morata price is 2.72 and Batshuayi is 1.95 there is more value in Batshuayi.When he had a short loan spell to Dortmund he scored 7 in 10.So if he plays regular he has great potential.Marcus rashford has scored 7 in 38 appearances for man utd and is 4.01 which is crazy as he is a poor mans striker and inmo is over hyped and priced,Batshuayi needs a permanent home and regular games.I think he would be a perfect fit for Man utd along with his compatriot Lukaku.

  • Batshuayi is 24 already, he has been pretty woeful for chelsea i think, the German league is not the prem either.

    Rashford is 20 for gods sake!, all ready proved his class imo. Also playing as a rightwingback doesnt help his stats.

  • @KingsOfTipping

    For someone who has taken the handle “King of Tipping” I think you need to put in more groundwork than just amateurishly pumping Michy Batshuayi, Harry Winks, and Izzy Brown.

  • @NewUser60527 Rashford still a poor mans striker. Missess so many chances.Look at the world cup and this weekends international.Missed easy opportunity but struck it straight at keeper,His movement when he plays down the middle is woeful.His price is reflected by the club he plays for nothing to do with his ability,PB or MB.

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