Set reserve price or sell to market

  • i’ve been trying out football index for over a month but havent been doing so wel. for example when Rashford scored for England I bought 4 of him. I pressed sell to market and as soon as this happened he was already back to his normal price which left me with no profit and loss because of commision. would really like some help thanks!

  • @NewUser168325 Ok, so this kind of quick flipping I've only used a couple times, I always do it with much cheaper players simply because they don't have to increase that much to cover the commission + leave me a profit. I also try to pick players that if they don't rise enough I don't mind holding them.

    What other methods have you tried? There are several ways to earn money on FI (plenty of ways to lose it too!)

  • @AT10 I haven’t been trying much methods, i’m not really a pro. all what i’ve been doin is buying shares when a big player scores. but i do need to try preoper methods

  • @NewUser168325 People generally buy players before these games rather than after, and then sell after the game has finished, unless it looks like the player is improving all the time or going to rise higher because of a good transfer move.

  • @NewUser168325 :-D no-one starts FI as a pro, I've been on for a year and still make mistakes regularly!!

    As mentioned I don't tend to go for quick flips, but today there were 2 good opportunities;

    1. Shaw, when the news came that he was awake and on the phone you could have picked him up + made a quick profit, I expect he'll feature well in the media tomorrow and the buzz chasers will be buying so you could have even sold to the market tomorrow or held for buzz money.
    2. Young, the person who benefits most from a serious injury will often get a quick increase.

    Definitely worth searching the forum pages for advice for new traders, I believe there is also an E-book available which describes different methods of making money on FI.

  • @NewUser168325 Take a step back buddy and create a plan and a strategy that you can be disciplined enough to follow. Understand the reasons why you are buying and as one of the previous posters mentioned, look for value and understand the price you are buying at and what needs to happen for you to firstly reach break even on that player and then into profit. This will help you when you decide to buy and when you decide to sell. Remember when you instant sell you have to cover the cost of the spread and also the 2% commission. A lot of new traders forget this.

  • The Luke Shaw injury could also give Dalot his anticipated shot :)) I guess it all depends on how serious it is, just because he's awake and tweeting doesn't mean he'll be playing again directly, I hope he's fine but at the same time I want to see Dalot playing now now now :))

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