• Kevin De Bryne - why is he still rising? Surely if he's injured he should be falling or at least stabilising? I don't understand this at all.

  • @NewUser171341 Anticipation for when he returns (people getting in early).

  • For someone one who rarely wins anything, correct me if I’m wrong but he is overrated as an FI player.

  • @NewUser60527 you could consider him unlucky as his PB scores have always been consistently good but rarely good enough to win PB. Maybe a few GWG might change that. I used to hold but did get frustrated by his lack of dividend returns and he is now the only player in the top 20 I don’t own. Didn’t have any funds left to jump on his bottom price after injury and now for me to high especially as he’s still at least 2 months from a return.

  • But city have Jesus, aguero, sterling, sane to get GWG, over £5 is to much, he never wins MB either ( well hardly ),you might as well have gundogen or either silva imo.

  • This is the best thing about FI...

    No player's price is pre-defined... no rational decision making is 100% accurate.

    Each player is worth exactly what the market thinks he is.
    People on the forum often talk about not chasing PB, so by default, their bet isn't that they will get a divi return, but instead that the player's value will grow for whatever reason.

    For KDB, maybe people are buying due to the fact that his profile will grow with his future excellent performances; his media presence will grow as he gets close to return from injury; Man City will probably progress through to the latter stages of CL; he's pivotal for Belgium so will be heavily featuring through to Euro2020; Sane not delivering so City reliant upon a consistent KDB to return and provide impact....

    I bought in on the basis that others will buy in. Simple as that. Stay ahead of the trend and it will prove to be profitable.

  • Sold 62 KDB at a nice profit this afternoon - all sold in 3-4 hours - still popular!

  • Just struggling to see how he's worth 588 & still rising, given it's unlikely he'll play much before Xmas; so took the profit from 439 cost price & reinvested into Asensio & Perisic instead. Will take another look when he starts regularly again.

  • Really not understanding this at all... Huge hike for someone who's injured.... Wow..!

  • just a quick look at his buzz would tell you he'll be back soon and people buy in early to gamble on his future price

  • The only downsides to KDB Are his MB as i imagine that apart from the week he comes back he wont tend to feature much as he is quite a reserved character who doesnt tend to attract headlines with the same regularity of Pogba, Ronaldo etc. He will also be competing amongst a plethora of other quality midfielders in the same side when it comes to PB's

    added to that he appears to be unlikely to get linked to any transfer speculation in the foreseeable future.

  • Now the most overpriced player on the index in my opinion.

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