Selling at reserve price

  • I tried this out this morning (Paul Pogba £11.24) the price went down to this level not long ago but my reserve sell was'nt activated

    Any ideas why?

  • @NewUser159184 The reserve price should in theory remove your player from the sell queue if he drops below the value you set - it does not instant sell them for that price.

    There is a question regarding whether the reserve price works, It never worked for me so I no longer use it. But it was pointed out by 1 trader that if you sell 1 share above the reserve price it effectively cancels the reserve limit - this could be why it didn't work for me.

    So 2 questions-

    1. Did any of your futures sell for above £11.24?
    2. If no, are your futures still in the sell queue?

    If the answers are no and yes then it's safe to say the reserve price simply does not work. I did see it mentioned somewhere that if he was to sell below the reserve price you can contact CS and they'd refund you the difference - I've never done this so can't confirm.

  • Ive cancelled the transaction now. as i was concerned that the price had dropped to 11.19 and they had still not sold.

    I contacted the chat line and they just said that i would be in a queue (at this point they were down at 11.19 - so i took that to mean that if the transaction did go through it would be potentially at 11.19 or even lower - they also said to look at the option of instant selling , which totally defeats the object.

  • If you put a reserve price on, that’s meant to mean it won’t sell below that. It doesn’t mean he’ll suddenly sell at that price. If he goes below your reserve before it’s your turn in the queue, then you’d have to wait until he went back up to the reserve price you put him at. A lot of uncertainty about if it actually works but with the new site not too far away, that should hopefully be something that’s addressed

  • @FranklynMary

    Ok cheers

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