Chris Wood

  • Can someone please tell me if Chris Wood is locked or not. In the list of players he is not, but in my portfolio it is indicated he is. I am hoping it is me not understanding something otherwise it is poor from football index.

  • He is no longer locked in on my login.

    Buying a player with the lowest share price could be very risky as you'd lose your stake if he gets relegated next Friday.

    Personally he should never have gained promotion to the top 200 in the first place...

  • Also there's no point in holding him as there is a bug in the system with him and therefore he can't win buzz. The other week he won performance buzz technically on points but because the system cannot track him, Icardi who scored the 2nd highest PB forward points got the dividend. I'm not complaining as I hold icardi and not wood but a bit unfair to those that hold him.

    I just noticed today, the reason I think is a data entry error in the database. All forwards on their info have the position "forward" and then some extra info such as stricker or 2nd striker sometimes but Chris wood has position "Striker". Therefore the database cannot recognise this field and he gets lost. (I project managed software development in the past).

    I have raised that there is an error with FI as no doubt many others have weeks ago but I just got a generic reply they've passed it to the tech team but nothing has changed to date. I'll mention this possible reason to them today though

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