Luke shaw

  • Any idea why there's loads of media for luke shaw today . But isn't being added to media buzz ?? I can see Mirror , sun ..... and loads more

  • @NewUser145896 it has been added mate

  • I can't see the suns post has been added ? From this morning? You can google it and it comes up

  • The sun is not one of the approved media sources - I am getting tired of repeating myself but keep recommending all new users read the rules and regulations before investing cash - Each and ever day there are questions on the forum which show people are naively chucking money into something they have not researched or understand.

    Please do not feel this is a direct dig at yourself as it is a regular event - but I cannot stress enough that if you want to really benefit from FI please read all the information and watch all the tutorials it will definitely reduce your losses and increase your gains.

  • Is it that time of the month ?

  • @Fletch as much as i understand your frustration, we actually want the number of newbie questions on here to come through. means there are new sign ups? 3 months ago the forum was not as active.

  • Have to say all I've heard/read is Luke Shaw all day.... Yet he's sitting 4th in Media rankings at the moment... Really can't see why Mo is above him today...

  • Ok, didn't realise Mo Salah scored 2 goals yesterday..... Still a lot of press for Luke Shaw today... Glad I've got both 😝

  • I've not bothered with Luke shaw. With other international playing I had a funny feeling they would steal the show .... No real football fan reads the sun.

  • @NewUser145896 said in Luke shaw:

    I can't see the suns post has been added ? From this morning? You can google it and it comes up

    It doesn’t matter what Google throws up. The FI buzz aggregator will only track articles that are added to the RSS feeds of eligible sources (Mail, Telegraph, ESPN, Goal, etc etc).

  • Hardly a true reflection on the media today... He's been all over sky sports today.... I take it they're not on the list so don't count... Poor..

  • Surely the more people chucking money in without a clue is better for people who do the research?

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