Buy smart

  • Want to know who to buy based on data and stats? Email for all of last years data for free.

    You have till the end of september to sign up to get our premium product for just £2 a month forever. Usually £3 a month.

    Gives you:

    PB avg, max, base, peak, dividends
    MB avg, dividends
    Compare 5 players key metrics quickly and easily
    See upcoming fixtures and past results for teams
    IPO PB previews where we calculate player pb pre ipo
    Player prices
    Video guides
    Possession stats
    Goals, gwgs, clean sheets, opponents

    All in excel and sent to you weekly with all the latest info.



  • Can't recommend this enough- great value, especially if you have a small-mid sized portfolio and can't really warrant paying £££ per month.

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