Diogo Dalot :))

  • Is anybody else here hoping Dalot gets to play soon, I can't wait for him to get his chance in 1st team, firstly because I'm a Manchester United fan and also because I have futures in him and really see him rocketing up, opinions guys n girls ??

  • How far away from the staring lineup is he? Luke Shaw and Ashley Young before him? I will hold on until he actually plays, better options out there for the money

  • He is a right back, old man Valencia in his way that’s all. Dalot had knee surgery in the summer that’s why he hasn’t started.

    He has a lot to do but there will be lots of opportunities coming up in all competitions.

    United fan also here.

  • With all the games coming up I can see him starting at least twice before mid October then if he performs well could become more regular

  • I imagine young will get a couple of games at left back now,i cant see shaw playing for a few weeks after that concussion, they would be silly to let him play.

  • He's a full back but prefers the right, he looked great in the u23 game the other day, why wait till he plays and price rises ? He's going to be the no1 right back in no time, Valencia is good but can't cross a damn ball to save his life, Dalot can cross the ball better than any right back I've seen in United for years.

  • @KingZ he is a terrific option and has movement in that price now. I hold a nice average purchase price and when compared against similar potential standard players he is value

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