Spreadsheet Question?

  • Hi All
    In the middle of creating a spreadsheet and was wondering if I should group different purchases of the same player into 1 row, eg. buy 10 futures at £1 then 10 at £2 should I regard this as 20 at £1.50? I'm pretty sure that's how it shows on FI portfolio. Only trouble is I lose track of profit on initial purchase. Or should I just create extra rows? Makes for a rather large s/sheet? Any thoughts are great ta.

  • @Weedster i would keep it at seperate rows if i was you. That's how football index track it in your transaction history. Which you can ask them to send you btw.

  • Thanks for your reply Noirx4, its just when you look at the buy price in your portfolio it seems to combine the buy prices together?

  • @Weedster it does. But i'd keep it seperate if you're trying to track profit

  • I had issues with this until doing away with the spreadsheet completely.. I would say average it out on one line or perhaps do it on a monthly basis so you can track in different columns who you've purchased and the profit they are at?? I've brought and sold that many of the same player(s) over time it can get very confusing!!!

  • Appreciate the comment danny and can see it happening to me too, early days yet and can cope quite easily at the minute.

  • @Weedster I have separate lines for each transaction as that will make it easier to spot holdings you have had for three years.

    If I sell a holding I make that line pale grey text. Then you can sort by font colour and have those at the bottom out of the way.

    I originally had different worksheets for different types of transaction but then decided it was easier to have everything on 1 worksheet and use filters.

  • Hmmmm I was also wondering about this, I've added to futures of certain players and always just added to original buy, I'm still fairly new here, first deposit 17th August so I'll just use that date as my 3 year guide and that way I'll not screw up, I only really look at overall profit, having used instant sell a lot in the first week after treating it more like fantasy football (learning curve) I almost fooled myself with the profit on my portfolio, now I just have the figure of how much I've really deposited here and count the profit from there, although it's actually pretty accurate now again on portfolio after selling a few on profits.

  • Cheers for comments, I'm getting carried away with it at the minute and every day I'm tinkering with it. 3 years seems a long way away and I can't see myself keeping any player that long. Separate lines seems to be the best way for now and sold players I delete them out and put in another tab(with details) and update the main spreadsheet accordingly with new balance etc. Bound to be loads of s/sheets appearing online soon.

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