• Just interested what people think of Mahrez and his price? I just think he’s fairly cheap for a city player. Yes not gonna start every game but when you compare price to other players surely he’s going to have a big rise soon and the way the index goes he’ll only have to score his first goal and he’ll rise £1+ easy.

  • suppose with the injury to De Bruyne he could play an even bigger part than perhaps expected this season? Not sure if he gets in my City best XI and that's one of a number of reasons I wouldn't invest but he's got enough quality to keep rising in value so why not?

    Certainly worth throwing a grand at so chuck it on!!!!!!

  • Cheap at the mo is my thinking, £60million playing in an average team last year (hats off to the foxes for winning Orem a couple of years back) and will at some point with all the competitions that City are in get a good run of games and then BOOM - rarely loses the ball and tricky as you like...

  • Think his price will yoyo up and down throughout the season as he will not be a fixture in the team but can definitely see some upside at present as think his price will move between £2.70 and £4.00

  • You don't spend 60 mill and not play him. He has to be integral at some point.

    I just don't see how. Sterling's form is too good. Bernardo Silva is already a serious player. And Sane was probably the best player in the league last year!

  • I’ve bought a few Mahrez.

    Like others I figure he’s worth a go now that KDB is out for a while. City’s next three fixtures are kind too, so hopefully Mahrez will get some time on the pitch and score some goals.

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