Managers in 'Football Index' !!

  • This may not be something in the near future but maybe sometime next year ?

    Who thinks that this would be a good idea? obviously they are not available for 'Performance Buzz' but the 'Media Buzz' option is already there for them and also the players that play for them will influence how their price moves in the market.

    Lets hear your opinions....



  • Personally I think they need to sort out the issue with Goalkeepers first...

  • @The-Chartist....that is true, the Goalkeepers seem to be a lost cause in the Index, i mean Donnarumma only won it because there were only him and Bonucci on the ' Defender Performance Buzz' yesterday but on any other day he would not stand a chance, the same goes for Pickford, Lloris, Neuer and the others.....

    I can see this problem sorting itself out though because in time they will all get relegated and will find it very difficult to get promoted again.

  • @AndyP32

    Yeah I agree, there is almost zero incentive to hold GK's now.

    The only thing they could have done is spend some of the new dividend payouts of a separate category for GK's.

    Althought personally I'd like to see a tiered PB payout. So that 1st 2nd and 3rd get something. I think this would have been better than doubling the 1st place winners.

  • @The-Chartist....yeah it would have been better to do 1st/2nd/3rd for Forwards, 1st/2nd/3rd for Midfielders and 1st/2nd/3rd for Defenders/Goalkeepers.....but we all know that offering "DOUBLE DIVIDENDS" on 1st place sounded so much better to the majority of us traders than "1ST, 2ND and 3RD DIVIDEND PAYOUTS".....just look at what impact it had on the market within the first 45 mins of their announcement !!

  • @AndyP32

    True the market lapped that news announcement up!

    Oh well maybe next time they have enough new punters to do something similar they offer something for 2nd place as well.

    Hitting a PB is just too hard to actually win imo and so I don't even bother buying players based on that.

  • GKs need a category of their own in buzz, especially considering the upcoming penny stocks - loads of keepers to compete for it.

    Back on topic; I'd like to see managers introduced in a standalone category just out of interest, however, it won't happen. There isn't enough fluidity in managers in the way there is in players i.e. players price change based on specific moments in a game. Rarely would this happen to a manager.

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