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  • So I have been collecting data for a bit now and wondered what to do with it? Basically I have done a formula which projects how much divided a player will win over 3 years if he keeps winning at the rate he is winning at.
    So to make it easy (player wins 2p dividends in 1 year his final score is 6p)
    Is it a good idea to invest on the back of historical data or should it be avoided?
    Many people bet on form when place a bet on football so why not use form on footy index?
    And feedback/opinions would be appreciated

  • @NewUser81312 I think using historical data is a very useful guide, though of course there's no guarantee future performance will mirror past performance. But to be honest I think just multiplying out dividend wins is too simplistic. For example, Suso won dividends the other day with a score of 128, whereas plenty of players regularly hit scores much higher than that but haven't won anything due to someone else always happening to score higher that day.

    It's definitely worthwhile looking at stats like players' average and peak PB scores over a given period to give you an idea of how often they "should" win dividends in future based on that form. But then you also have to consider things like - did they get a lot of points from set pieces? If so, do they still take them this season? And so on.

    If you're looking for more data to go on, I can recommend @Noirx4's paid data service, or Football Index Edge do a more detailed version of the same kind of data I think and the IndexGain site has some very good data functions.

  • I understand what you mean with the Suso win, but my data includes all dividends won media and performances, so lucky little wins like Susos‘ would count for very little in his ‘value’ in my formula.

  • I suppose historical data has had a significant impact on the market and is the reason why Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, Pogba, Salah etc hog the top five places...

    BUT... If Messi retires, if Ronaldo leaves for USA or China, if Salah breaks a leg... the historical data will then count for nothing...

    So yes it gives you a guide on who does well within the FI format (useful especially for MB & PB dividends) but for growth in value the only way to predict is by believing in the player you've brought shares in... Half of this 'game' is based upon 'opinion' and 'hype' and 'buying at the right time' whilst the other half is actual statistics through playing and through media scoring all be it both very flawed systems as PB only praises those teams that pass, pass, pass whilst MB is only restricted to 200 players and in reality 90% of the time 10% will win it!

    When it all comes down to it though... The best few players in european football's top five leagues should make you money!!!

  • Yeah I guess so, what I’m hoping is it finds me bargains. Of course Pogba at the moment is top of the “ projection” but the players in the top 10 that are still under £3 will be the players I invest in.

  • @dannypea
    Of the back of what you have said, I have added a “traffic light system” to the players. So for instance De Bruyne is currently yellow while Pogba is green. Not got no red yet but a good example for red would be imbrahimavic or Rooney.

  • @NewUser81312 have a look at the below youtube video around the latest our product offers.


  • @Noirx4
    The level of info you have is mad, where do you find the time to do all this?

  • @Comrade by neglecting my wife 😂😂 nah its my evening / weekend hobby :)

  • @Noirx4
    Fair play to you

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