Anyone know an app for injury text alerts?

  • With the prospect of a player receiving a career ending injury that can see there value drop to nothing, are there any apps that ppl use to provide injury text alerts like they do in the states for fantasy American football? Thanks

  • This would seem a really useful tool

  • Not sure if they is one, I use SofaScore and I have alerts on all my players in my portfolio

    Gives you alerts on

    Starting line up
    Substitutions (in and out)
    Player ratings
    Team of the week (if they made it)

    Best bet is to check when your player gets subbed if it was because of an injury

    I can't seem to find anything to help with a non related match day injury (KDB the other week for example)

    Hope this helps

  • @Valhalla
    Could be a gap in the market there, best get on it quick...

  • @B1992G thanks, sounds like a useful app. Yes, KDB’s injury in training would be a tricky one, but with the possibility of losing hundreds if not thousands of £ on a player if he has a career ending injury, I’m surprised there is nothing in the uk yet. When zlatan did his knee, the first to sell saved a fortune.

  • the Physio Room has always covered the Premier League injuries but not sure of any for the other major leagues??? Just keeping to date with the latest news is probably wise though!!!

  • Getting Twitter notifications from @BenDinnery might be worthwhile if you're worried about injuries.

  • Both good suggestions. Thanks ✌🏻

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