Dominic Calvert Lewin

  • Any thoughts on DCL? - Currently establishing himself as a regular in the Everton first team @ 21
    Possibly expect to get up around £2 short term - £3 longer term if he continues to get 1st team mins this season? (currently £1,34)
    They were talking him up on Talk sport last night so he is obviously bubbling under the radar atm

  • Happy with DCL, originally had him for 70p in May and sold when left site. No problem going back in at £1.32 as feel you're correct in your assessment.

  • How many starts will he get when the squad is all fully fit? Tosun, Walcott, Richalison all in front of him, even Sigurdsson, Niasse, Bernard would be arguably? He has scored 6 in 51 as against 13 in 54 for Lookman; so although he has potential he is still a long way from the finished article & as such I think there are better options elsewhere (even within his own club!).

  • Always thought he's a good prospect and will become a key player for Everron. The best value English player in my opinion.

    Scored two goals recently (think it was Carabao Cup or friendly but still). Suffered an injury at the end of last season so missed out a lot. Agree there is competition at Everton but nowhere near the level at other clubs. In fact, Everton is a good club to be at for him right now. Good enough to win games and finish in a decent league position, but without the competition and expectation of the too 6. Walcott is on form at the moment but still expect DCL to get a decent amount of games. I expect him to break into the England squad come the end of the season.

  • @metropolis

    I don't totally disagree & he may well continue to rise & I do think Marco Silva will definitely add value to his game. I looked at him @95p a few weeks ago & didn't buy due to my concerns outlined above but he's risen 50% since, so I'm even harder to convince now given the fundamentals remain the same. Just see better short/medium term value elsewhere given his immediate prospects.

  • His price dipped a little bit this week after it looked like he might be out this weekend but is back on the rise after
    reports that he is likely to be starting against West Ham at the weekend

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