• Fairly new trader here, and wondering what happens to a player's value if he announces retirement?

    The obvious answer seems it would plummet as everyone bails out, after a bit of a media buzz.

    I am carrying a 33 year old as I believe he will be in the papers a lot during award season, but with no big move to come, can't see much happening other than that.

  • When players retire, they are removed from the index. As far as im aware, any money you invested in him will be lost

  • Wow! I'll hang on until the end of the season and bow out.
    Thank you.

  • Just think how much Ronaldo there is out there that will need selling in a couple of years!!

  • Very true. Before the announcement is made hopefully for those holding him!

  • There will still be plenty of MB after he announces retirement!

  • As reading the rules seems to be overrated these days -

    When a footballer retires or has not played football in any of the Eligible Competitions during the preceding calendar year, we reserve the right to remove that footballer, the day after the footballer retires or the day after that preceding calendar year expires, from the Top 200 and/or the Squad and you will not be able to place any further Bets on that footballer.

    So if Ronaldo (let's not pretend we don't know who you're talking about) decides to retire you'll have that day to sell him (at least)

    A few things to know -
    Santi Cazorla didn't play a game for more than a year and wasn't removed
    FI had Phillpe Lahm on an IPO list until it was pointed out he'd retired
    Davide Astori's IS price dropped to 1p when he died - if you had bought him you could still sell him for 1p today - search his name under the squad....

    In general it's worth looking at Quagliarella at Samp, 35yrs old and scored 19 in Serie A last season and he's nowhere near the athlete Ronaldo is.

  • @AT10 Ronaldo ?? Why would he be referring to Ronaldo ????? I'm guessing maybe Modric, because he said ain't moving anywhere big, Ronaldo has just moved to Juve for £105 million, surely he's got 2-3 big years ahead of him, Modric just missed his move to Inter and that's hardly a move up in class... oh well it could be a number of 33 year olds, and if it's Modric then nothing to worry about yet, and if it's Ronaldo and he's worried then I'll just say hahaha

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