Alexander mitrovic cheap

  • He's gonna hit 20 for Fulham this season no sweat. He's only 1.98

  • @NewUser178129 Yeah I wish I'd bought into him earlier. Very good player. Pondering if it's too late now and his price won't rise much further.

    Only concern is how much PB he'll get. Would like to see him at a bigger club.

  • Personally I bought in cheapish over Summer but after one game when he bagged a couple he still got nowhere near PB so I thought I'd cash in on the rise. Can't see him doing great generally on PB but only time will tell

  • He'll never be a PB magnet. Fulham play the ball around and he doesn't get too involved, always giving away fouls and picks up cards. Will grow, but don't expect many dividends.

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