General share prices

  • Hi all, new to this. Only been trading for a couple of days. From what I can tell prices used to be so much cheaper. In the descriptions of players there is talk of a lot of 30p to 50p trades.... Just made me wonder if I've missed the best trends as a lot tend to be at least to be almost 5 times as much. I realise that it's like any trading platform, with supply and demand which then makes me think that come November and more players are introduced will we likely see a crash?... Again new to this so apologise for any naivity

  • See it as a good thing. You're getting in whilst the market is still relatively new. As long as FI continues to adapt the dividend structure to the growth in prices, they'll continue to rise.
    A crash isn't too likely- there are restrictions as to which players can win buzz, and the top 200 players will generally stabilise (there's some gold in the squad, but some sh*t in the 1st team)

  • Thanks for the reply. How long have you been on FI?

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