Buy The Whole Team - Good Strategy or Not?

  • I've been on here for a few weeks, I've subscribed to a YouTube few football channels, FI trading channels etc, but the truth is I know nothing about football, so when people talk about individuals (which is what FI is about) i'm at a loss.

    Do you think buying an entire premier team would be a good idea?

    I've got the usual high-end players, i'm searching 'round the forums, and have found some jems, but in the tradition of an impatient trader .. i want more ...

  • Wouldn’t buy a whole premier league team, you have to make some judgement.
    Although with the team search you can back the markets judgement and take on the players that have been of interest... and do a test.
    Watford flying high, if you are going to do it I recommend searching Watford and buying all players over 92p (maximum player value is £1.29) - players in number 8.. all good value and if they beat Man U and kick on Leicesteresk then all bargains (all good ages maybe except Deeney) and all of these players will be of Interest for the big boys particularly the likes of Chalobah, Doucoure, Pereya, Success all likely to be targeted (maybe a Richarlison type rise..... or even half of it)

  • @NewUser170323 invest in a data product like mine and make informed decisions rather than just buying a squad. Email for more info.

  • No!

    Having a DEF, a MID and a FWD of each of the top ECL/EL teams is a decent plan. But think carefully about who to choose -doesn't have to be the most obvious/expensive, keep an eye out for value plays

    And for the very best teams who are likely to win their league and/or go a long way in the UCL/EL there is merit in having more than one player in each position. But again choose carefully

  • If you look at historical data Man City, Liverpool, Schalke, Bayern have all returned getting on 100% of ROI which doesn't take into account divs. I have holdings in all these squads. I'm going for the long game.

  • If you really know nothing about football I’d maybe even suggest buying tracker 100 and just ride the growth of the platform. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about kicking around a pig skin but have not done particularly well being quick to spot trends of this platform. I have settled on a tactic of putting a blanket over about 90 of the the top 200 players and 40 of the squad I see growth both by my judgement and using Noirsx4 data (plug,plug😉). Since then my ROI (particularly dividends) has been significantly better than when I was over trading in & out.

  • @Happy-Hornet Man United will win that game so wait with Watford players, maybe small decrease b4 Leicester game... obviously my opinion means nothing but just think Watford have had their streak

  • @NewUser170323 maybe get the stats membership from @Noirx4 and ask questions here on a few decent defenders, midfielders and forwards, and just generally follow the market... also learn which players hit the media often, especially in international breaks

  • @NewUser170323

    You sound like my cousin ... he still thinks Terry Henry plays for Arsenal!?

  • @johnboywalker Terry who ??? Henry who?? Hope that was sarcasm haha

  • @Mwerdna said in Buy The Whole Team - Good Strategy or Not?:

    @johnboywalker Terry who ??? Henry who?? Hope that was sarcasm haha

    Hey Mwerdna, what happened to the last chat we had? It appears you deleted it ...

  • @johnboywalker because i can't be arsed with the rude abuse from people I don't know, if i want that I'll put a silly comment on Facebook

  • @NewUser170323 hi had a look at the gist of this and picked Olympique Lyon as a team to look at. Got some great players and good prospects and could well be France's dark horses this year. In the end I couldn't be bothered as I would have liked to keep the performance on a separate spreadsheet and reckoned it was too much faffing about. I agree with Dave C, if you don't know football there is plenty of advice on here. Just think like Mike's all just bitterness here..

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