Tips On What Effects A Players Price Master Thread

  • Ok so I've been thinking about this. Here is a list of things I think has an effect on the players price. Please reply with your suggestions.

    The market itself
    Other players in that position and their pricing
    PB peak / average scores
    Historical performance
    Number of games played.

    Please feel free to reply and add your suggestions. Looking to create a super thread so traders know exactly what can change a price of a player.


  • @Rob I've heard it said before that a big factor in players value has little to do with the player himself and more to do with fellow traders. Often totally irrational, but you make valid points.

  • Games coming up, with people buying before an easy run.

  • The Majority Crowd

  • Real life performance which may or may not translate to PB scores but which newbies in particular think will.

  • Age

    & one hard to explain, but I like a player that I really don’t like my team playing against. They cause all sorts of problems and you always fear they will score / assist against you or your country....
    Examples are:- Zaha, Hazard, Richarlison, Mbappe, Mahrez.
    I call it ‘the tricky as you like factor’...

  • Team
    -Aside from transfers, changes to existing club (style of play, manager, doing better or worse than expected) will significantly impact a player's price

    -Timing, players may drop after they play and rise approaching their next game - no-where near as predictable as it used to be sadly but still exists a bit.

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