An alternative to borrowing to invest (Well kind of)

  • Instead of taking a loan, why not get a 0% interest credit card. Sainsburys 29 months.

    That way you use it for your day to day spending it then frees up your whole salary for FI.

    0% APR so assuming you spread your risk across a few players and the website doesn't go bust you are on a winner.

    29 months is enough time to pay a little back at a time through profits and dividends. I sold Welbeck at £1.13 yesterday and bought back today at 98p. £15.00 profit without reducing my portfolio (If only all trades were that easy).

    Again only risk what you can afford to pay back in the timeframe.

  • It's risky, but a good idea that is likely to yield profits as the Index grows.

    Like your thinking on Welbeck too, which has prompted me to buy 100 futures in him. I don't really rate him as a footballer, but £1 is a ridiculously low price for a 27 year old forward at a biggish club. At some point this season he'll have a great game (perhaps when Arsenal batter a poor Premiership side at home, as they often do) and he'll spike in value again. He's the same price as a 30 year old Paulinho, who's playing in China!

  • do you know what the limit is on the sainsburys card?

  • Listen anyone borrowing to then gamble has problem , do not get credit cards do no take loans out enjoy what you can afford and don't put your future at risk

  • @NewUser145896 thanks for your concern, but everyones personal situation is different. Nothing wrong with an informed discussion regarding the best way to maximise returns on FI.

  • I took out a 0% credit for 36 months ! 12k limit boom made me 3k growth already in 3-4 months. Risky however I believe in the index

  • This works best if you always keep some emergency funds in cash which you don't want to use on FI.

    For example you have no spare money except £5k of emergency savings.

    So you take out an interest free CC with a £5k limit. Once you hit the limit via regular monthly spending you should now have £10k of savings. The extra £5k can be used on FI. Worst case scenario you somehow loose it all...well you still have £5k savings to pay off the credit card when the time comes.

    If you literally have no money then taking out a CC to invest is highly will you pay the card back if FI falls apart?

  • @NewUser137607 who did you get that credit card with?

  • Tesco’s, through money supermarket

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