Nov 1st. IPO price?

  • I've asked the powers that be on Twitter but had no response.

    What happens to the IPO price if there's zero interest? Does it simply drop by X pence per second until people start buying? Or will we see a lower IPO price at launch?

  • It's a good question. I reckon most new players will IPO at around 5p though so should be some interest. Not sure if they're keeping the same rules on how player price changes. It's never been confirmed how they do it but evidence to suggest that price goes up by 1p for every 100 futures bought. Now there's so many more players - and hence a more diluted market - maybe the'll change this. Who knows...

  • @Blue-Python

    I've asked this question of FI before and I was told 'many factors' contribute towards a players price movement, which suggests its not as simple as 100 bought = 1p rise.

    I'm not sure why the algorithm cannot be shared - it surely must be consistent across the board?

  • @Blue-Python thanks for that. I appreciate your views on this, I think its critical to the PS launch being a success or not.

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