Europa League Teams

  • I'm guessing since some of the teams are from none eligible leagues that they aren't all on the database? For instance some of Besiktas are but others aren't ? Doing some work with the europa league starting this week and was looking for some players but they aren't on the index yet ?

  • @Plantytheblue
    Yes there will be lots not on the database. I'm focusing on the EL teams who are in PB leagues as well so then you have multiple chances of dividends and rises over the season

  • Last season the Europa League was FI's dirty little secret for those in the know.

    Not only did the games qualify for Triple PB over the CL's Double PB but the actual players didn't have much competition in terms of eligible numbers OR opposition (which often resulted in big scores when a minnow was being thrashed).

    However, this season I think we may well see a plethora of random low priced winners as some Peruvian bench warmer IPO'd at the World Cup notches a few goals for Akhisarspor vs Krasnodor - simply due to loads more players gracing the index from all over Europe.

    I hope I'm wrong and that my EL players rip it up but I have a feeling it might not be as attractive as it was last year. On the flip side it really does open it up for people who have a wide ranging knowledge on European football to make a substantial ROI.

  • wonder if it'll have a negative effect on Depay for example now that he's in the UCL?? Would be looking at the likes of Sevilla, Chelsea and Bayer Leverkusen players perhaps looking at their groups??? Besiktas & Zenit out of the top five could do ok???

    Artem Dzyuba anyone????

  • Europa League was a PB divi bonanza last year after Xmas when the top teams put the 1st XI out

    Before Xmas was trickier the top teams (Arsenal/Chelsea/Lazio/etc) etc will put the 2nd XI out some of those players will win PB but they won't play twice a week

  • i was looking at besiktas myself which is where i come across the gap ! Sevilla i am involved with already and chelsea i'm awaiting to see their strategy. It's an absolute minefield with all the players ligging around from the WC as you don't actually know who they play for without a solid amount of work on whoscored :(

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