Christian Pulisic

  • Interested in some thoughts on this kid?.. I hold a few futures and I'm tempted to invest in more as his price is lower than I purchased him at, at the minute.

    I think it's taylor made for him to end up at Liverpool under Klopp, but if not, I still see a big move in the future.

    I also think being from the states could help his global brand as a player..


  • Ive got a few and hes really cheap so im getting more just hope he stays low til tomorrow when i get paid lol

  • i do the same with some player. I bought federico chiesa from Fiorentina Serie A his already up 0.17 he has just been selectede for the first time in the national team.

  • sold all mine a few weeks ago for a decent profit when I saw him start to drop, he's been dropping consistently for a few weeks, I'm going to wait to see when he bottoms out and then buy loads at the end of the year ahead of the media buzz in Jan when the transfer window opens.

  • to have and to hold... depends on your strategy but if you want longevity and capital growth then he's in the perfect category of player.. if it's quick profits then i think he's out injured this weekend and will probably not be risked in the UCL so won't see any climbs for a good couple of weeks yet!

  • He is a perfect medium term hold as will get plenty of transfer speculation in January and if not sold then in the summer. He has a minor injury at present hence the small price reduction, I am currently buying more with my daily dividends :)

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