Thursday 13th Sept - IPO Review

  • Morning all with the IPO's coming on in 10 mins there's not much time to write a full review on them but I have looked and although I suspect quite a few will race away for numerous and in my opinion illogical reasons I have spotted 3 that I feel are genuinely under priced gems.

    Siebatchu @ Rennes I've mentioned before, young enough and scored a lot of goals in Ligue 2. Joining a Rennes side in Europe who amazingly finished in 6th place with their highest scorer only bagging 6 goals. This boy could be the answer to those problems.

    Cunha, 19yr old Brazilian racing snake at Leipzig, also in Europe, seeing some decent game time at the moment too.

    Finally Kevin Danso, Augsburg aren't the greatest side but this youngster has some startling goal stats from the back. A mate of Dele Alli's too if that gives him extra kudos for whatever reason.

    Going to be an interesting day for sure. Especially watching what happen's to young Stanley N'Soki who I think is massively overpriced but suspect he'll still get bought due to his age and PSG.

  • Hello
    Where do you see the IPO's that have just come on?

  • @Weedster for the list and they appear in the Squad

  • @Agatello Thanks for this, like the look of Danso although as you say in an average team and maybe one for a long term hold.

  • @Weedster yep only 19 and I make it 10 goals in 55 career games - not to be sniffed at!!

    A mate's also pointed out that Piatek who's scored a ridiculous 7 in 4 games this season is being supposedly monitored by Barca so keep an eye out for him over lunchtime!!!

  • @Agatello How do you like N'Soki?

  • @Weedster A lot less than others I reckon :-) I'm very anal on my defenders having a decent goal scoring track record and I simply don't see one with him - he'll still fly though no doubt!

  • @Agatello I'll have a few , just a young lad, plenty of time to develop goals in his game hopefully....

  • For those IPO with time guide "1200 to 1400", does that mean that the player will appear at a random time during such period?

    I am trying to check out some players with 1200 start time, but they haven't appeared on the squad page yet.

  • Yes......

  • Just don't get this, been watching Piatek expecting him to come on at £1.00 then he appears...£1.50.... is everyone a millisecond quicker than me at spotting it???

  • same with N'Soki!! Give this a miss until I get it ?

  • Bots??? All I can think of.

  • Piatek was a no brainer. Got in at £1.50. Wonder how many got in below that price?

    3 games 7 goals, if he keeps anything close to that up, I'm happy with ther price I paid.

  • Clicked on Piatek at £1.11 and got him in the £1.50s. Classic IPO craziness. Still think he looks good for that price though

    Beltran looks an interesting one - 19 yr old started every game for Celta - having decent amount of shots and making decent amount of passes with good completion - one to watch for the future, so picked up some of him too, playing Monday as well

  • @Misto Ye i got him at a similar price. He's definitely one to keep hold of. His price will continue to slowly rise and he's still only 23. If he keeps this type of decent form know doubt a bigger club will go after him in the near future. He's one i will keep hold of for a season or two.

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