Penny stocks - best buys ??

  • Anyone feel like sharing tips for November ??

  • This post is deleted!

  • I personally haven't given much thought into the penny stocks market.

    I'll want to get a feel for how it operates before making any decisions with that.

  • @The-Chartist Yeah, i'm on hold/trimming in general - just trying to think ahead really.

  • ... or interested in other's opinions about squad players that they like to be more precise

  • Maybe the kind of players part owned by clubs like juve. Or the clubs who vie for europa lge places.their best generally go to the top teams eventually.i think majority of top potential earners are already in the 200.i dont see levantes or mainz 25 players doing anything at all really

  • Hey all,

    I'm probably not the only one thinking this but is the term 'Penny Stocks' exactly what it means?

    When new players get added to the Index does their share price start at 1p?

    Someone let me know if i am missing the point here....



  • @AndyP32 it's just a generic term - FI are the setting individual initial prices I believe

  • @pwp23 ..cheers

  • To be brutally honest with you - if I had any strong tips then I would be sharing them after I have bought them as at that point it would be in my interest for their price to rise. Sharing them now would be obviously counter-productive.

    I'd be a bit sceptical about the motives of anyone sharing tips on penny stocks at this point.

  • @mike778

    I think its more of a question of intrigue from @pwp23 rather than riding on peoples 'tips'.

    FI is opinion driven and is so subjective, especially outside of the big boys (I suspect 99.9% agree Messi, Ronaldo etc. are quality players who will make you money).

    IMO there is a lot of bang average players in the current squad and nobody particularly stands out for me as a shoe in for big profits immediately.

    I'd like to see a request-a-player come in. For instance, I'm an Ipswich fan and there is a few youngsters that I'm sure will move onto bigger things than Ipswich.

    The other question penny stocks introduces is 'will FI scrap the 3 year hold rule?' There is no point buying 'up and coming talent' if you lose your investment before they crack the real 'big time' e.g. If you picked up Dele Alli in his MK Dons days.

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