Today's IPO Preview

  • We have a very varied day on the IPO's today.

    Although I have examined them I ran out of time to make notes and write them up.

    Due to the age of most of them I think we could see a few paychecks get busy throughout the day.

    If I had to pick 3 players I'd go for Bernede, Nolaskoain and Yokuslu. All 3 have posted magnificent Passing stats for their respective league or national teams already this season and are all capable of hitting 3 or 4 goals a season at the least. Bernede is interesting due to Lo Celso moving on and although he probably won't be 1st choice I suspect he'll see a lot of league action whilst PSG focus their stars on the CL.
    Nolaskoain looks very good for Bilbao and at his age I can see big money coming in for him in the near future.
    Finally Yokuslu looks like today's diamond in the rough to me, Celta Vigo could have captured a star man with this fella with reports of futures moves to Utd or Barca.

    All in all a very interesting day which I wish I could have elaborated on a bit more as there's some exciting players throughout the day.

  • @Agatello am I right in thinking a player has to have 100 shares bought to rise 1p? If so, does that mean the likes of Cunha and Piatek had circa 10000 shares bought within seconds to rise by about £1 on their introduction? Cheers

  • @Weedster this is a benchmark used by index members as it feels about right. However i have asked the FI tech guy and he told me this isnt a rule and varies depending on buy and sell interest price etc. It wouldnt suprise me if it escalated in price more rapidly at ipo

  • @Noirx4 thanks for this, as fairly new to this I'm still finding my feet, really enjoying reading older forum posts and the speculation involved, hindsight's a wonderful thing ha...sorted out that it is bots mostly responsible for the ipo price rises and practically impossible to compete with, although good prices can be had. Only 3yrs old so platform still in its infancy but as far as I'm concerned there's only positives going forward.

  • What about Guilherme Arana, young full back at Sevilla? Looks promising

  • @NewUser104447 well my quick view is :left back or left winger? if left back then Sevilla seem to be playing 3 at the back in the liga and he has to get past Promes (big money signing), If left winger then same problem. Good thing he's young, good price and looks like he plays in europa league games. maybe long term should rise.

  • What about Pedro Porro Agatello? From my research looks like Barca and Madrid were keen on him?

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