• Thoughts on Belotti transfer rumours? Will he stay at Torino, go Psg or come to the prem?

    At his current price there is excellent opportunities

  • One of the yo-yo's on the Index! Will definitely skyrocket if he comes to the Prem. Reckon there is more chance of him arriving at Old Trafford than Ronaldo...

  • Yes I have dabbled with futures in Belotti, I think he will end up somewhere like Milan after they get outbid for the likes of Moratta, that being the case then I see his value falling not rising - of course I could be way off - might be a great buy for the likes of Everton/Arsenal but not sure worth the buy out clause of €70m or whatever it is, €30m ish player I would say

  • I am having a punt on Belotti whilst he is still relatively cheap - have a feeling he will pop up 'unexpectedly' soon. Think it will be the Prem and I think Torino will cave in on the full buy-out price as time goes on. My prediction - Man Utd for £50m ish

  • @LukeRiley think utd will get morata. Could potentially go chelsea

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