Sunday planning

  • Right so Sunday. Treble match day but with comparatively few games compared to Saturday. Been thinking about what action I can get here. My plan is to look to flip any of my players who score on a spike tomorrow and invest in players who are playing on Sunday. It’s interesting as no big PL sides are playing which is unusual for a Sunday although clearly that’s Europe related. There are some obvious possibilities (ronaldo is 6% of my portfolio and is playing on Sunday) but I wondered what people thought a) of this strategy and b) about who to target with any funds I do have from flipping and dividends tonight and tomorrow.

    The teams that look potentially fruitful this Sunday are:
    Wolves-Burnley-Everton-West Ham
    Werder B-Stuttgart.

    At a guess I’m likely to free up 10-15% of my portfolio tomorrow and in theory I might be prepared to top up to the tune of (max) an extra 20% with a deposit but only if the right opportunity came along that I felt was a fairly safe bet.

    Any thoughts on a watchlist for potential PB dividends, ideally players I can hold a larger number of shares in (ronaldo probably has a good shout but clearly will give me a much lower return per £ than anyone else...).

  • @NewUser36672 that's an interesting strategy and may well pay off. I'm doing the opposite this weekend... that is, trusting my players to score high scored and therefore get their collective value back up which has declined sharply during the international break due to it all being about media buzz (and I don't own Ronaldo, Pogba, Neymar or Messi so it's been a barren couple of weeks!)

    In terms of those Sunday games I think Pavard (who I confess I recently SOLD) is still great value at less than £2.

    Juve haven't started particularly well and may make changes and one of those coming in at the back may well be Rugani ( at £1.10) and I'd also say Kluivert for Milan even though his price has soared recently, still looks decent value.

  • @gloryhornet88 thanks for that - first really helpful advice I’ve had on here!

  • Hey flipping is flipping - over a single weekend is difficult (FI 2% and sell spread..)
    Me thinks a single player Tottenham c Liverpool (be quick on the buy and sell button and flip for Sunday matchess (Dividend payment will drive price increases / decreases......)

  • Bonaventura
    Luis Alberto
    Andre silva

    Look good for Sunday and longer term

  • Karamoh. Just loaned to Bordeaux

  • I to like Pavard and think that Rugani is very cheap could well double in price over the next month if he starts games.

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