How much profit per day off £600?

  • Pretty new to the platform. Been trading about a month. On average I'm making about £0.75 a day. What kind of return do you think is decent off £600? Most are long term trades with a a few big hitters. Thoughts?

  • If u dont mimd me asking How many players have you got with that £600?

  • one way to look at it is,
    If you continue to make 0.75p per day for 1 year that will leave you with around £875 after 1 year , roughly 45% interest on your investment.

  • I guess that beats the banks :). Still new to the platform so am a bit risk averse.

  • @Rob
    The other thing i factor is, is worst case scenario.

    What if i needed to cash everything in immediately using the quick sell option (this will reduce your portfolio by roughly 7%)

    however based on the above, you would still be looking at nudging 40% assuming the trend continues

  • @Rob

    At the moment, I think averaging 1% a day is a realistic aim. So you’re doing well.

  • But that would be £6 per day which isn't realistic surely?

  • @Zidave very very unrealistic at 1% a day for a year his £600 would be £22668

  • @Zidave @Misto

    Sorry; my mistake! I meant 1% a week :)

  • @playingcards1 Makes sense know. If he's making about 75p a day. He's just short of 1% a week. Compounded he'll end a year with just over £1000. I would be very happy with that.

    Year 2 he'll be at near £1700, this is also assuming he doesn't top up his investment with more money.

    Rob did say his goal is long term gain. Just depends if he really means long term. I've seen people say thing like "I'm buying X as a long term hold, I won't sale til January". Just tells me they have little experience of traditional financial products and the length a investment could be held over. I've got a few tracker funds on my HL account I've held for over year 5 years, this to me is still in the medium term investment range. My pension is long term. I do appreciate with the FI we do need to shorten the definition of long, medium and short term holding. As holding a player for 25 years isn't possible, maybe Teddy Sheringham. My point is have patience and you will be rewarded.

  • @Misto

    Absolutely right, just like financials you should have a plan for each player you buy just like stocks:

    Neymar & Pogba as long as nothing out of the ordinary happens I plan to hold for just under 3 years then sell and rebuy as they should provide good returns over the next 6 years.

    Players with transfer speculation can be viewed as short term buy and sells

    Whilst the majority of my other purchases are made with a view to keeping for at least 1 season as I believe they have good potential.

    Therefore I look at it as

    Less than 1 year = short term
    1 full season or more = medium term
    full 3 year = long term

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