Hazard exit strategy

  • Obviously I hold a fair few Hazard futures

    Bought about a month ago as I felt he was very undervalued. The way I see it, he’s a class player, playing in a great position to rack up the pb (passes, crosses, gets fouled a lot, plenty of shots and takes penalties). There’s also the constant transfer speculation which helps with Media buzz.

    Based on the above it was my belief he’d always reach £10.

    Given today’s price rise, I’m now thinking £10.50-£11.

    Interested to know what people think his ceiling price will be, or what price he’ll be by say December?

  • Genuinely don’t see a ceiling, with the game growing so much. And eventually they’ll do the share split... But £11 would be realistic by end of season I reckon

  • He should win PB and MB so I see an increase coming. I'd hold for now. I've got in on a few more this evening. Think £11 is achievable.

  • Played well against the worst team in the league today, think this may be the ceiling. Well done those bought sub £7.50 not worth buying now. Like Keita people will get bored and the price will go down.

  • I'm on the £11+ wagon with Hazard, maybe even £12+.

    I think Chelsea will score plenty of goals under Sarri and Hazard is the main man, can see him doing something similar to Salah last season. Chelsea are also in the Europa League so plenty more good chances for top PB divs there also.

  • Someone made a good point on Twitter. He achieved 200+ points 3 times last season and has already matched that in just 3 games with one game with 318 points this season alone. There are alot of likeable factors about Hazard and as a holder of him - I see him as one of my best holds.


    +Good World Cup
    +Enjoying football under a manager that plays positive football
    +Positional change from MID > FWD - Scores very well as a Forward
    +Media Buzz & Potential January and Summer transfer Spec
    +Penalty Taker
    +Chelsea - Europa league favourites

    I believe he will hit at least £11 by the end of December with all things considered. Just my opinion though.

  • He's looking great for PB. There's not many players who score goals while also racking up the passes etc for mega scores - Messi Neymar esque. Can't see why he won't win more and keep rising

  • Exactly my thoughts. He plays in the neymar role, and usually scores highly in PB. The media do seem to like him so perhaps £11+ is feasible given the growth of the index.

  • The question with Hazard is what next. If Real Madrid make another long and draw out play for him - with some of that €300m fighting fund - then he’ll be heading to the top of the Index before long.

    If Real instead go for Mbappe or Neymar, where does Hazard realistically go? Assuming he won’t play again under Mourinho, only Barca, PSG or Man City could realistically afford him, and all seem unlikely destinations...

    Which means remaining at Chelsea and tearing it up under Sarri could be very possible!

  • He is basically playing PB on prem games though that is a big downside for me, no champions league.

    He doesnt seem very MB savvy either, a hatrick and gets topped by firminhio isn’t great as I don't think his past MB record is great.
    It’s well known he is a ‘nice’ guy and shy a bit like Scholes I believe, doesnt say much which isn’t going to lend its self to MB wins.

    I do like him but playing just for pb on prem days makes him to expensive to invest in now.

    I dont think he will transfer either, for me madrid will buy neymar next summer and I cant see what other clubs would buy.

  • As Chelsea plays in Europa League,they'll have most of their PL games being played on Sundays,so even more likely to win PB on Sundays rather than Saturdays

  • Yup and if Chelsea get through to quarter finals of EL I'd expect to see hazard back in. I've time for the treble PB days (quarter final, semi and final of EL and CL)

  • @Indexical

    • in time for

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