Naby Keita

  • What are people’s thoughts on Naby Keita? Has seen a big drop from his peak price due to uninspiring performances. Do you think his price will rise back to that or continue to fall?

  • Rise. Further and further.

  • Don't want to state the obvious but play well and pb price increase otherwise it's only down.

  • Klopp loves him. I see him as a long term hold. I believe he will be up by the end of the season. I have positions in him and am holding. Hold your nerve. He'll come good :).

  • Very overpriced compared to geo next to him in midfield this guy has started every game this season come up with a goal today and I see a lot more value in him £1.20ish at the moment. Not sure what u guys think of this?

  • I bought more Keita at £4.58 after his drop last Saturday and still think he is value. If Mane had released the ball sooner he could have had a goal yesterday and that could have prevented further losses post match. He is still settling in and I think he will recover during the season

  • Think folk have expected a lot from him & have since seen better value elsewhere. I've cashed in to lock in profits & will certainly be back again for more.

  • He will play every European Game and most of the PL games just needs time once he wins a PB he will fly.

  • I was expecting big things from him. His stats were ridiculous for Red Bull, tackles, interceptions, dribbles, passing, etc and I think in the top 5 categories for most (bar headers). Plus he likes getting sent off.

    He managed to step up from the French 2nd division to Austria and then to Germany. So I'm not doubting him, just how long it will take him. I hope he starts putting in the big performances by early next year. If I remember rightly when Firmino signed for Liverpool (who also had good stats in the Bundesliga) looked off the pace for a while and got caught in possession alot during the early months.

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